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This #CromaticGeek series of articles is dedicated to promoting our team, in any way they want to. We’re going to question them about themselves, their life and their hobbies so you can know better the humans behind the work.

Tudor joined our team in the-year-we-don’t-spell-anymore. Although he never had the chance to have a taste of our vibe live, he quickly fit in the group and made our daily meetings more vibrant, with witty jokes, a wide range of interesting subjects and a bubbly personality. It shouldn’t come as a surprise since juggling with words is actually his job and talent. Copywriting is no easy drill. Getting inside the mind of a brand and communicating in the brand’s language in an impactful manner is quite a challenge, but Tudor levelled up this game. Enough with the praising introduction and  let’s get to know him better.

CS: Hello Tudor! Fast and furious bio: Where are you from? Where do you live? Where and what did you study?

T: I’m from the beautiful city of Vaslui and I live there for now (because of Covid-19 and because it’s a smart decision to save up the rent money, since everybody is working from home nowadays), but I will move back to Bucharest when things go back to normal-ish.
For my Bachelor’s Degree, I studied Management in Iași, at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University. Thanks to my Communication and Negotiation teacher, I decided that Marketing would suit me better, so I stayed in Iași for two more years and studied Marketing and Business Communication for my Master’s Degree.

CS: Further bio, think-fast-method: hobbies, favourite food, favourite band.

T: I play a lot of Pokemon, Persona 5, Just Dance and Yu-gi-oh, I watch and read a lot of manga and anime (One Piece is my favourite) and I learn Japanese when I have a little bit of free time (I really want to move to Japan one day).
My favorite foods are falafel, halloumi gyros and pizza (vegetarian or more than meat pizza).
I don’t have a favorite band, only favorite artists: Lyn Inazuimi (Life will change), Yiruma (River flows into you) and Akira Kushida (Ultimate Battle).

CS: Tell us what exactly convinced you to choose copywriting? Did you flirt with other career options too?

T: I chose copywriting because I’m a problem-solver by nature. I’m always eager to learn new stuff and it’s easy for me to connect the dots when somebody tells me about a problem.
At one point, I wanted to give strategy a chance. But it felt like making the batter, without baking it.

CS: What do you like most about this work?

T: I love the thrill. From the first moment you read the brief, to the moment your idea is approved and implemented. And if it’s a CSR campaign, that feeling is multiplied by 1000.

Mobiup social media campaign

CS: Now let’s dive deeper into your process, into the way you get in the brand’s mind and use its voice. What’s your method?

T: Brands are about people. Communities. So, when I have to come up with a message, a copy, I think about what a certain audience wants to hear and how the brand can communicate that message.

CS: How come you joined our team during a pandemic?

T: By knowing people. A former colleague from ADC*RO school told me about this opportunity, I said I was interested and gave me Daria’s email.

Website Pandora

Artisan social media campaign

CS: What do you like most about working at Cromatic Studios?

T: I love how chill the atmosphere is. The jokes, the clients and the research that makes my job easier.

CS: How do you deal with tight deadlines?

T: I remember what Bob Marley said. Everything’s gonna be alright.🙂

CS: How’s the pandemic affecting you? What’s the perspective for the following months?

T: I’m fine (really fine, not Ross Geller fine). I’m healthy, I get to spend time with my family. I wish I could spend more time with my friends, but that’s why we have calls and video calls. For the following months, all I wish is that everything gets better and visit Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge with my baby brother.

CS: Does anxiety ever kick in? If so, how do you shoo it?

T: Just a little bit… But when it kicks in, Just Dance (or Ring Fit Adventure) helps me out.

CS: Bless us with a song you can’t stop but listen these days.

T: I have 4 songs that I have on repeat these days, but here’s my absolute favorite.

CS: Any advice for the kiddos who want to get into copywriting?

T: Reading is a given. But even more important is to start reading people. Go out there (when outside is good again) and listen to what they have to say! Notice them! this will help you get a lot of insights. If you have the time, get a job in customer service or sales and it will help you gain some helpful insights.

Another piece of advice is to apply for that job. Even if you think you’re not perfect, go for it. Worst case scenario, it’s a no (no answer still counts as a silent “no”). It won’t be your first, and it won’t be your last. But for every person that is ready to tell you “no”, there is one person out there who’s ready to tell you “yes”. And if there are no openings, feel free to contact CDs or agencies using social media and ask for an internship. 

No portfolio? No worries. Craft one. Ask yourself why you love certain brands and start crafting your own portfolio. Or ask the owner of that little store around the corner to let you help him or her grow its business.

CS: You always find the right words and jokes to cheer us up in daily meetings. To end this properly, Mind cheering up our readers?

T: What do creatives have to say about a new campaign? It’s been done before.

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