Cromatic Geek of the Week: Daria Bundur // Branding | Visual Design

Hey there! If you’re here, you know the drill. This is our official blog where we promote our projects, talk openly and, like that girl group from the 90s, spice up your life.
This section of our blog will be dedicated to promoting our team, in any way they want to. We’re going to question them about themselves, their life, their hobbies and obviously provide some juicy details too.
It’s gonna be a weekly thing, so stay tuned if you want to get to know us a little better.

CS: Who is Daria? How old is she? Zodiac sign? Clog size? What did she want to be when she grows up? Tell us a secret about you that you haven’t shared with the team. Yet. Mwhahaha!

D: Daria is a Visual Designer. She just turned 23. Libra. 38. She wanted to be a veterinarian. I know how to keep a secret wink wink

CS: What’s the story with your minimalist fashion style? Is it Kanye West inspired?
D: I like Kanye, but I’m not really inspired by his fashion style. In fact, there’s no person or brand that inspires me. My life’s pretty influenced by my job and to be honest, I prefer minimal Design. It’s not just about my fashion sense, but my Interior Design preferences, my gadgets and so on. And yes, I decide what products to buy in the grocery by their packaging.


CS: Since when have you been part of the Cromatic Studios team and why? Also, what do you like more: a quiet, more friendlier studio or a famous agency?
I’ve been working here for 3 months. Why? Let’s see. Because we share the same values and we have the same vision about the Design industry. I think we can do big things. Big and bold.
I’m not really into stereotypes. I think there are famous agencies out there with super friendly environments, and small studios with a bad vibe. I think the common denominator is the human one. You have to click. I don’t just mean your team, but even management, clients and every person you interact with.

CS: You love travelling. Does your work get inspired from your travels?
D: Who doesn’t? And of course I bring some inspiration home, but not like you’d imagine. I don’t really visit museums or tourist areas. I love to feel the city’s vibe and notice urban life details. I love discovering local brands, cool coffee shops, their state institution’s visual identity, how they integrate their tech in the city’s infrastructure and how they’re parks look like. Design is all around us, you know.

CS: What projects got you working with a big smile on your face?
I always work with a big smile on my face. But if i’d have to choose a favorite, I’d say the typography series I’ve done this year for #365daysofType or IMMO Invest.

CS: We’ve mentioned Kanye before. What kind of music do you usually listen to to get inspired? A little birdy told us that you don’t really like ‘’scârţâială’ (noisiness).
D: I don’t really listen to music to get inspired. I’m usually really focused on my work and tune out of music around me. So, sometimes I can perceive anything as ‘’scârţâială’’. But when I have a clear mind,  I usually listen to a lot of contemporary hip-hop. And sometimes I listen to dance minimal or 2000’ pop and r’n’b. So, yeah, you can say that Kanye actually is one of my favorite artists.

CS: Would you say you’re a cat or dog person? Or do you love all that is fluffy and cute?
D: I love all that is fluffy and cute, doh! It’s all about the feeling I have when I’m around animals. Love is in the air.

CS: If you’d have a different life, what would it sound like?
D: I would be born in the USA and become a top secret CIA agent. Maybe a spy. But for now, I’ll get back to my TV shows 😶.

CS: Tell me about the hard times of being a Graphic Designer.
D: I love what I do, so I guess that makes the hard times go by easier. I haven’t really had a hard day specifically. I mean no more that the next designer. You know, creative block, tight deadlines, working on the weekends, impostor’s syndrom, team tension, difficult clients, dumb feedbacks, rejected ideas, to name a few. I think that the most difficult part of a day’s work comes from how we choose to filter events happening around us.

CS: How did your interview for Cromatic Studios go? Were you nervous? How was your first day here?
Wow, you bet I was nervous! But when Daniel and Cristian started telling me about how things work around here my nerves turned into enthusiasm. My first impression exceeded my own expectations. Meaning that I didn’t think I’d be so lucky to find such a cool team!
I can’t really say more about my first day here. As you know, it’s the easiest, and it was no different at Cromatic Studios. I knew what was coming, though.
But I can talk about the teambuilding we went on in my first week of working here. That really helped me feel like I was already part of the gang and get rid of a few fears I had, here and there. But most importantly, I got to know my colleagues better and get their general vibe.

CS: Besides being a huge fan of French cuisine, what other cuisine do you love? We need some food inspiration so that we get our head’s straight on what to order at lunch. We never seem to decide right away, do we?
D: Pfff, I love to try different things. I don’t have a very specific taste in food. We’ll just have to find some other foodie to guide us on our ordering journey. Btw, what are we going to order today?

CS: Besides Graphic Design,  do you have any other cool stuff that we can brag about on the world wide web?
D: Nothing worthy for the world wide web, nope.

CS: What’s the peak of Graphic Design?
D: Final.psd.

CS: Do you have a message for Daria from the future?
D: Calm down, Daria! You’ve done a pretty OK job answering these questions!

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