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Cromatic Studios are the Creators of Memorable Experiences and the only ones to solve
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A design audit is an analysis of all the visual elements used by a company. Beyond its visuals, also central to an audit is the company’s core message, sometimes called a slogan, value or branding statement. You can think of a design audit as something like psychotherapy – a type of headshrinking, but for a business.

Creative Concept

Creative Concept

The visual identity of your brand includes your logo, colors, and typography. These elements are important not only because they’re some of the most traditional elements of a brand, going back to the burning of a symbol on a cow, but also because they’re the first and primary point of contact with your customers.

Building & Testing

Building & Testing

Design projects require many people to work together. Constant feedback is one of the most important parts of delivering a project as requested by the client and within the specified timelines. With all this clutter and the fact that web digital projects are becoming more complex every day, online tools make it easy to complete the work among everyone involved and get instant feedback from them.

Behind our projects you will find a great process and super passionate people


Brand Strategy

Brand Design
//Brand Directions
//Brand Canvas

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Website, App
//UI & UX Design




Photo, Video, Animation, Audio
//concept and script
//production management
//video shooting, editing, CGI
//online multi-platform & TV delivery

Visual Communication
//key visuals & motion graphics

Clients we have worked with

Because we embrace the philosophy of simplicity, all the goodies we develop have a meaning and so we always manage to receive the WoW effect.

  • I was impressed with Cromatic Studios's approach, creativity and work ethics and would recommend them to anyone. We worked on a rebranding project for one of our most important products and they easily exceeded our expectations.

    Ana Giurca
    Ana Giurca Managing Partner at Brainspotting
  • If someone would ask me to describe our colaboration with Cromatic Studios team and keep it simple in the same time, i would say:  We get exactly what we expect, but we have never received until now with other digital agencies, meaning:  Innovation, Fast Delivery and Total Commitment.

    Vlad Sgindar
    Vlad Sgindar Service Delivery Manager, Connections
  • One could not expect more: creative thinking by all means, constant support and involvement throughout the entire project, valuable input based on market knowledge and the right approach towards building a long lasting relationship. You just need to open yourself, share your ideas and vision, then relax and wait for the outcome. Great job guys!

    Andrei Ropcian
    Andrei Ropcian Founder & Managing Partner, ZiP UP
  • Our relationship with Cromatic Studios is nothing less than exceptional. Since the start of our collaboration, they have played an integral role in the development of Crosspoint`s corporate identity, also providing insightful marketing and development ideas. With an excellent client understanding and always providing first class services, Cromatic Studios is not only a marketing partner - but a part of our extended team.

    Codrin Matei
    Codrin Matei Managing Partner, Crosspoint Investment Banking & Real Estate

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