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Arca Resort

Branding Web & App

Creative Director
Strategy Manager
Lead & Brand Designer
The Logo

The logo is very subtly arched (arched – ark) because we want to highlight the fact that there’s always something for you to do while staying at Arca. From dawn to dusk, from dusk to dawn.

Even if the complex is a resort, the fragmented perception of the complex is presented by the architecture and by the landscape – “it is necessary a greater exploration of the domain to fully perceive the complex”.

The Approach

The approach for this brand concept highlights ARCA as a destination. That destination can help you explore a lot of experiences and activities. The design and the employees are there to make sure every guest sees the bright side of life while staying at ARCA.

The concept behind the logo starts from the idea of destination, it’s an arc filled with activities, experiences and nature. We can even say that destination is synonymous with Arca.

The natural network between the letters connects every element that transforms Arca into a destination. Exactly how points of intrest are connected on a map. These networks can be interpreted as watercourses, vines, climbing plants, or even veins.

The Colors

The color palette inspired from nature and the material used for building the place plus the textures used for every printed surface ensures visual permeability that is present in the architectural concept, without being intrusive, in a way that emphasises nature

Complex Design

We approach a practical design, user centred, where everything is very intuitive, in line with the architectural and landscape concept of the complex.

While at ARCA Resort, the guest must feel relaxed, as if it is in another world, but a world where it can easily navigate by him/herself. So, easy space navigation and fluent information flow is essential. Information and design must be integrated into the landscape, not added over.

ARCA’s connected brands

ARCA’s connected brands represent the most important attractions of the resort. Each and every one of them is a unique place that can be a destination by itself therefore they all have their own logo and can be promoted individually.

The connection with ARCA is made by using the same brand universe: fonts, layouts, imagery, illustrations etc.

Restaurant menu
for Lotca by ARCA
kitchen window curtain blind
for Lotca by ARCA (concept and design)