Providing smart and cool high quality luggage, bags, backpacks and accessories for any journey you will embark on. Regardless of age, interest or profession, we are your partner wherever you go.

Whether you are going to school, work, vacation or getting involved in any other activity, ZIP UP will help you find the most comfortable and suitable way to make sure you have everything with you at any time.


ZIP UP has been created to meet the needs of this segment of the market, where the offer is way below the demand and we are
ready to fill that gap.

ZIP UP is a new and innovative concept that integrates an impressive number of brands and models of luggage, bags, backpacks and related accessories in one single place.


The Zip Up logo and motto are based on the stressfree concept offered by safe luggage. You’ll experience the commodity of your journey either when you’re climbing mountains or when you need the office look for business travel.

We have defined a new and innovative concept for every moment of your life, to help you evolve in your personal style.




We chose to bring to your travel a colorful experience, and personalized to your necessities. Together with Zip Up, the multibrand company, we promote urban mobility.

Everywhere, including car stickers, cards and mobile app the customers can find the bags they love in the store and get them while they’re hot.

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