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The Approach

This brand concept is all about simplicity and clarity. The customers will always feel comfortable in this universe, even when they are faced with fintech and other notions they might not be familiar with.

The concept behind the isotype focuses on what the brand does, not on its name.

We developed the idea of this isotype by scanning the brand with the whole power of B.I.

In order to establish the idea of analytics, we started by stylizing a pie chart. Then, we made it so that it looks like it’s always scanning.

If we take a look at the negative space inside the logo, we can notice an icon that resembles a human. This is what gives the isotype a more human touch, which leads to the idea of personal consultant.

The descriptor is placed in a certain way that allows us to read “wit” and “analytica” as two separate words, which makes the brand easier to remember and more memorable.


Typography play an important role in communicating the overall quality and tone. Careful use of fonts reinforces our personality to ensure both clarity and harmony.