The Importance of Being Part of a Healthy Work Environment

There’s nothing that pushes the creative genius off a clif more than coming to work and finding a hostile environment. Your mind becomes preoccupied with defending yourself from all those negative factors that it leaves very few resources for your creative work.

Obviously, this is an exaggerated account of a toxic workplace, but it does stem from reality. Some days are good and some days are stained with unwanted circumstances, it’s the dynamic of the professional life.


It’s important to spend most of your day somewhere you are comfortable in order to reach the peak of your productivity. The less you have on your mind, the more you can create and innovate. Unless you’re one of those people who perform really well under stress. In that case, go work at FBI or something, stop wasting time on the Internet.

Coming to work and finding a space where you are free to express yourself (within the boundaries of the brief, of course) is a valuable experience that sometimes can be more helpful than a paycheck. Obviously, we all have to eat and shop online, but when we are talking about our headspace, nothing beats going home fullfilled and pleased with what you accomplished during the day.



The responsibility of keeping a healthy work environment is shared by both the employer and the employee – if the two are not on a same page, well, then the boat sinks. So, whether you are an employer or an employee, occasionally ask yourself – is my attitude at work healthy? Is my attitude towards work healthy? Does my job affect my mental health? Then you can begin to either continue whatever it is you’re doing or improve what is not working.


Good luck and we hope you’re well!