bunnyshell is a platform where developers can apply and deliver their apps to any cloud without having to add extra code. They can also connect different clouds they already have and transfer info from one to the other with no mess and agility for less.

The logo

Our logo is a straight-forward, no bullshit, Montserrat Bold. That’s it, folks. You can easily create it yourself if you don’t have it at hand – select the type tool, input the text, get that techy space grey color in there and you’re done! Crazy, right? Oh, we’re aware. One of bunnyshell’s purposes is to simplify and optimise everything it touches, so why not integrate that into how our logo actually behaves and interacts? We’ve abolished all the limits so we could create a safe and easy way to access our brand at any time. The mere essence of our identity is rooted in the name – another cool way of seeing things is imagining the birth of our name as the big bang moment of our journey.

The concept

bunnyshell actually means nothing and everything. It is unpredictable, made up, it can literally morph into anything you want it to be and this could easily be associated with the countless needs and problems the user encounters and the myriad of solutions at hand – they both can take any shape.

The concept is based on the game and process of matching various shapes with their corresponding chambers. We took it a few steps further and established 6 brand shapes (levels, solutions) and 6 colors that symoblise the actual procedure of solving an issue (filling a chamber).

The shapes start off as colorless, floating through space, clueless, searching for a need (their own chamber) to help them acquire their assigned color so that they can solve that said need and complete the action.



Client: bunnyshell
Project: Branding, Web, Animation

Creative director & designer: Tech Julie
Motion graphics: Stefan Morozan
Strategy managers: Daniel Stoicescu

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