Today we are starting our discussion regarding all these curator accounts on Instagram. By that we mean those accounts where an admin or a bunch of dedicated admins hunt through hashtags to find art to expose on their tiny virtual galleries – tiny but extremely popular.


People post their works and tag certain words of interests through these hashtags – words that are obviously relevant to what they are posting. Then these Instagram hunters look through all the pictures – or most of the pictures, let’s be realistic, there are millions of pictures being posted on Instagram every day – and pick those that are best suited for their account and their audience. That way, artists get a chance to reach more people and everyone gets a boost in their popularity. When the gallery becomes Insta-famous enough, they can set their own hashtags for people to use to get a chance to be featured.


Take, for example, the minimalist section. We curated (see what I did there?) this article with these three glorious accounts. Or three really great ones that we occasionally stalk for inspiration and maybe to also reset our minds when we feel we’ve spent too much time looking at a project.


What can be more satisfying to the eye than scrolling through symmetries and simplicity?


And with that, we’ll leave you to explore these three accounts we’ve been chatting about here: @soulminimalist, @minimalism, @minimal_int


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Soulminimalist is the account you can get exposed on if you post your work using the #soulminimalist. Then, @milenafrazz who is the administrator of this account scrolls through the posts and chooses those that best fit her virtual gallery.


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Minimalism is exactly what the name suggests – a gallery of minimalist art. To get featured here, you must follow the @minimalism account and add the #minimalism to those posts you’d like to share with their followers. It’s been founded by @skyteam17 which is Vladimir’s account who is also pretty good at Instagrammin’.


· 🏆 @stoptheroc ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ CONGRATULATIONS! · Please take a moment to support our featured artist by congratulating and visiting his/her wonderful gallery! · Photo selected by @fraarm · For a chance to be featured use: ✪ #MINIMALINT ✪ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Follow our friends: ♥ @soulminimalist ♥ @paradiseofminimal ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ #paradiseofminimal#loves_minimal #great_captures_minimal #ig_minimalshots #minimalexperience #mafia_minimal#rsa_minimal#minimal_perfection #9minimal7 #ig_minimalismo#minimalmood#unlimitedminimal #ig_minimalist#ptk_minimal#pocket_minimal #supermegamasterpics_minimal#loves_minimalism#mnm_gram#learnminimalism#fa_minimal#mini_funtastic#tv_simplicity#minimalism_world#minimal_greece#arkiminimal #minimalzine#minim_cat#minimal_lookup#soulminimalist

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Minimal_int is an account curated by @milenafrazz (who we’ve already mentioned before) in collaboration with @fraarm. These two have joined forces to create this minimalist gallery to satisfy both artists and enthusiasts. Their designated hashtag is #minimalint if you’d like a chance to show your work, but also if you only wanna browse through minimalist pictures.

These online galleries get our Cromatic stamp of approval. We’ll let you know next time we stumble upon some other noteworthy accounts or any type of online content that we find inspiring.

Until then, keep it casual!