[Honest Friday] Let’s talk about the moments when you’re not inspired

After a really short brainstorming sesh, we’ve decided that it’s time to showcase one of our strongest values: honesty.

This is how we created the concept of Honest Friday, written from a creative’s professional perspective, in a witty way, in the form of a brutally honest storm, hoping that someone out there will feel the same and get inspired. 

This blog section will cover various areas, but the main idea is to inspire other creatives (either junior or senior) and tbh, make them feel understood. So it’s like a therapy session, only in blog form, it’s free and you get a couple of AHA moments while you’re browsing 2 other social media platforms and probably sitting on the toilet or at the bus station. That’s okay, though! 

Everyone talks about moments when their inspiration level is at a peak. What to do to reach your full creative potential? How to be more creative? 10 creative tips to improve your workflow? And other lame titles like that. I know that in this day and age we’re all positive butterflies, no one shares their troubles on social media, we don’t talk about the bad times, they’re there to help us become better and more positive butterflies.
Right. Sure. We’re not gonna argue with that.
But, and there’s always a but, what do you do when you just don’t have that spark in you anymore? Today you don’t even have the patience to watch a 3-minute video. Nothing is interesting. Nothing moves in that idea machine you call a brain. Absolutely no movement. You can pack your shit and go home because you’re braindead. 

To paraphrase Marie Kondo ‘’nothing sparks joy’’. You look at inspirational elements online, such as videos, pictures, tutorials, articles, then you somehow end up procrastinating for 2 hours because you’re stuck on the latest TikTok trend while your brain just sort of went somewhere else. It’s out of order. It went on vacation. Maybe to Miami, maybe to the mountains. You have no idea because it left short notice.
The next thing you know you end up feeling bad about yourself. It’s a spiral now. You’ve tried everything. You’ve even forced some ideas, doodles or scribbles at some point but they’ve pissed you off so badly that you not only wanted to throw your whole notebook in the trash but jam yourself in there with it too. And this is where the Imposter Syndrome kicks in. Maybe you’re not that talented. Maybe you’re never going to have an idea. This is rock bottom. You’re never going to be able to focus again. Is this state every going to end? Is this the real-life or is it just fantasy? as Freddy Mercury once said.

You force yourself a couple of times but whatever you do seems like a bunch of nonsense. It’s crap. No one would buy this. It’s lame. It’s a bad idea. It’s annoying. I’m annoying. What am I annoying? Why is this happening? Am I not good enough? Will I lose my job or this gig? Have I become too jaded? Is this what I’m supposed to be doing with my life? How do I get my inspiration back? I need it back right now! What should I do?
Do you recognize this train of thought?

What do I do now? Just wait it out

You’re not going to be in this state forever. Some days are better than others, creative-wise. But if you start overthinking, if you force yourself to deliver something the pressure will actually push things in a lame direction. Thinking about the reasons why you’re not inspired won’t help this process. Do you know what will? Go take a walk! Go have a talk! Take a break! Relax that brain!

You have no other solution than actually switching your brain off for a while.

Maybe take the day off or go brainstorm with a couple of friends or colleagues. That can trigger something. But don’t put that stupid amount of pressure on yourself. You have good ideas, your brain is just not in the mood right now. Maybe it needs a little push, maybe it doesn’t. Don’t sweat! Just wait it out!
The reason this is happening is really not clear. Could be the weather, could be burnout, could just be that you’re extremely bored and need to do something exciting. It could be that you’re stuck in a routine and need to change it. It could be nothing at all.

Inspiration will sneak up on you

You’ll be in a weird moment when this happens. It can hit you in the subway, on the toilet, at a party, while someone is complaining about their life, in an argument, while watching some lame crime documentary or even when you’re taking your pet to the vet. It usually comes to you when you’ve relaxed a bit and aren’t in the worky-work mindset. It’s kind of weird to talk about this creepy attitude inspiration has, but if you think about it, right now, we’re right. It does that exact thing. Because this superpower you have isn’t something you can turn on and off. It’s something that requires space to breathe and time to settle. No one is constantly inspired. Absolutely no one!
Most famous scientists used to play an instrument to trigger their idea process. You can do that too! Or find your own system to trigger Miss Inspo. You can do whatever you want to because it’s your personal Universe. And in your mind space, you’re the only king and you can even control the weather, temperature, taxes, and politics.

Everything is uncertain in life

Think of it this way, certainty isn’t a real thing anyway. You don’t know anything for sure. So why are the expectations for yourself so freakin’ high? There’s no race to win. There’s no prize at the end of the deadline. We’re all floating on a huge rock, in space, and our existence is uncertain. Maybe we went to far with the fantasy, but just imagine that we’re tiny ants on this floating rock that sometimes get an electrical buzz through our bodies and we explode with creativity. Sometimes the wires aren’t charged enough. So what? Big deal. Adapt. Improvise. Move on and shut the hell up.

Inspiration is a cruel mistress. Try to take advantage of the days when she’s more present and don’t hate yourself when she’s not there. You’re not that needy and insecure, are you? 


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