From newbie to queen bee: my internship in a Romanian agency

Lately, our office has turned into an international hub of sorts. Meaning that we’ve welcomed a couple of interns from other corners of the world into our little working space. This article is dedicated to one of them: Nurbike Aytar, a Turkish Graphic Design student, in her 3rd year.

Before getting into the actual  interview, here are some of Nurbike’s thoughts we’ve managed to grab just before she hoped onto the plane.

Today was the last day of one of this Summer’s coolest adventures. I can’t believe how time flies by when you’re having fun. I really enjoyed my time here. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know the guys from Cromatic and Foxifiers and to be part of the team. This studio is not only a cool workplace, it’s somewhere you can get easily hyped about projects while still getting work done in peace.  My friends will be thrilled that I’ve been part of this amazing team and I can’t wait to tell them everything about it as soon as I get back. I left feeling like I’ve turned into a responsible grown-up and I’ll cherish my experience here forever. 

You guys are super friendly, considerate, helpful and supportive! But most importantly, you taught me that living abroad can  be amazing, even if it’s for a short time. This experience has made me braver and I promised myself it wouldn’t be my last adventure. I won’t forget this experience, but especially you guys for giving me the opportunity to work so closely with you. Everyone we meet changes our lives, one way or another. I feel like a different person now. I’m a new and improved version of myself. 

I wish this adventure would have lasted more, but I’m still grateful for the time I’ve spent with you guys. Thank you for being this great!

CS: Howdy, Nurbike! What made you come from Turkey all the way to Romania? 

N: Well, I wanted to do an internship where I could improve myself as a person and develop my skills too I’ve been to Romania before and I absolutely loved it. Also, I needed it to be safe and closer to where I was staying at the time. So, overall choosing Cromatic was a good decision.

CS: How did you find us and what convinced you to join our team?

N: After  I decided to come to do an internship in Romania, I started looking for Graphic Design studios on Google and stumbled upon Cromatic Studios. You had a professional looking website that caught my eye. Then I started stalking you  on Instagram and immediately wanted to be part of the team.

CS: What were your main concerns about working in a foreign country, in a workplace where you didn’t know anyone?  

N: Honestly, everything worried me. Even small, day-to-day things. This was my first long-term experience abroad. So, as you can imagine, it was a huge deal for me. My main concerns were communicating with people and understanding how to properly do my job. At first I was really shy, but my colleagues were extremely helpful and friendly, so I managed to overcome that.

CS: What were your favorite things about working with Cromatic Studios?

N: I loved that they’re not only a collective, but a group of friends. They were really helpful, every step of the way, even if they had to explain something in detail. Even if it wasn’t job related. The studio has a really friendly atmosphere. You can work, focus and relax at the same time.

CS: Tell us a few things you learned here.

N: I learned a lot about the designing process. Before I used to rush my work a lot and from time to time, I’d even skip a few steps to get the work done faster. But I now realize that skipping those steps was a huge mistake. I also learned a lot about Branding, especially how to organize the whole process so that I would get better results. Another useful thing I learned was how to design a website. I enjoyed that one the most and I’m seriously thinking about diving deeper into the UX/UI experience.

CS: What was your biggest challenge? 

N: The #brandcanvas! It was like I ran out of ideas. The thing is that I think I put a lot of pressure on myself because I really wanted to prove that I was good. At the time, I didn’t really understand Branding that much, so you can imagine why that was my biggest challenge.

CS: What was your favorite thing to do at Cromatic Studios?

N: Looking around was my favorite thing. People around me were a big inspiration and I enjoyed discovering them and their passions. (Smoking outside, sitting on the yellow chair, was my other favorite thing, but you didn’t hear it from me :D)

CS: What did you like most about Bucharest or Romania in general?

N: PAPANAŞI.  But if you mean non-food related things, I’d say visiting Bucharest, in the real sense of it. I loved walking around in parks and admiring buildings, or visiting museums and taking pictures. Everyone here is so calm and kind.

CS: Did your experience here make you think about the future? Keep in mind, that we’re gonna probably ask you this again in a year to see how you’re doing and how we contributed in your growth.

N: While in Bucharest, I found myself thinking about my future more than before. I’ve realized that I have more choices than I initially thought and that made me more confident in my skills.  I’m still in school, so there’s plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my life. But I’m happy I’ve broadened my horizons.

CS: We need to have a proper ending for this interview, so our special request is a Romanian word/expression you remember :D. 

Poftă bună! (Enjoy your meal!)

CS: Ha ha! I guess now we know why we got along so well. Thank you, Nurbike! It was amazing having you around.

N: Thank you! Hoşçakal!


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