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This section of our blog will be dedicated to promoting our team, in any way they want to. We’re going to question them about themselves, their life, their hobbies and obviously provide some juicy details too.

Special situations require creative approaches. It’s been already a month since we moved from our cool office to our desks from home. We’re lucky enough to be able to work in these crazy times due to our flexible methods and business environment, so we’ll continue to question the members of our team about their process and routine. Today we’ll talk with Andy, our “camera guy”, who shoots great footage and then makes it look sexy on the screens. He told us about his methods, his work and life ethics, his love for music and how he manages this strange period with such peace of mind. So, Cromatic Geek of the Week is now officially Creatives in quarantine. Let’s get right into it.

CS: You have a very specific role in the Cromatic Studios team. You’re the video guy. How’s that so? What were the circumstances that brought you here?
A: Chemistry I guess. I knew Cristian before the whole Cromatic adventure happened. We had common friends and we’ve seen each other at parties, ON the dance floors, since 2012. More precisely, Sensation – Ocean of White @ Romexpo in 2012 was the first party together. And we were all dressed in white. We have pictures to prove it :))  So I guess it was a white beginning and I think we kinda connected through time and music (we’re both passionate about DJing) and then we realized that we’re both into video editing as well. He asked me if I wanted to make some Vines for someone he knew and I took the red pill and said YES. So Here I am, 4 years later.
CS: Tell us a little about the editing process. Do you choose the music first or do you sort out the footage? We’re very curious about the whole thing.
A: Uh! The editing process! I like to sort out the footage first, while I listen to my favorite music on Deezer or Youtube. While I’m doing that, sometimes a beat matches with a frame and a whole story begins in my head. By sorting the footage you practically learn it and it’s easier to take the editing to the next level. The music you choose for your video is very important because it breathes emotion into your footage. Then we move to color grading. That’s just as important as the music.

CS: What do you like more? To edit or to film?
A: Well, at first I thought I like to film more but after I started to edit I realized that I enjoy them both equally. It’s a beautiful combination.

CS: You worked as a film-set assistant for a while. How was that experience?
A: Wow, this happened exactly one year ago. A Christmas Prince – The Royal Baby (you can check it out on Netflix). It was a crazy experience and I learned a lot from it. Working with actors like Sarah Douglas was a blessing! All the actors were very nice and I made so many friends on the set. I got to tell people to “shut up” and “be quiet” from the first day on the set on a walkie talkie. It was fun! 

CS: When filming, what’s the mandatory kit you always carry with you?
A: I think the camera is mandatory (captain obvious over here), a wide lens, an 85 mm cinematic lens, batteries, cards, and a gimbal. I am so crazy about those gimbals! 

CS: We would really love to hear a funny story from a filming day. Mind sharing one with us?
A: Ok, so one time alongside Cristian and Stefan, I had to film in many locations on the same day (at the seaside, in the mountains and on the highway) and we were always in a hurry. In this insane rush, we stopped at a gas station and I got some chocolate biscuits. After eating the whole batch yumm-ing I realized I left without paying. I felt so bad, but the biscuits were so goood. Am I right, Stefan?

CS: There is no way to avoid this following subject. YOU WERE IN AN ACTUAL BOY-BAND! Daaaayum! Mind sharing some spicy details about that time in your life? You literally sang on stage and filmed “Backstreet Boys” kind of videos for the TV.
BOOM! Didn’t see that coming! I was in high school back then. It all happened so fast. I’ll never forget those two years! Do you know those crazy big lights on the set? One fell on my head when we were filming Sarut. You want something juicier? My fake marriage with Irina from ASIA when we were on a train going to Satu Mare to perform a concert on Valentines day. Before that, we had a concert in Busteni (Clabucet) and after we finished singing, ASIA came on stage to sing and the stage collapsed. Nobody was injured but it was funny AF.

CS: We know you’re a music aficionado. Even on the illustrated wall in the office, you’re represented dancing with headphones on. When and how did this love for music flourish?
Oh YES, Oh YES!! Before Shazam’s age, people used to call me and ask me about songs. I was Lil’ Shazam! My father was a DJ for a while and my mom was a singer in highschool so thanks to their love for music, my brother and I had a beautiful melodic childhood together. We grew this passion for music organically. Maybe that’s why I was in a boyband (lol), and then later I started to DJ which I still do in my free quarantine time. I also love to dance. I’m a mix of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake on the floor.  

The music we listen to is the soundtrack of our lives. I can’t live without it.

CS: Do you have a playlist to share?
A: I can share this quarantine mixtape I made while I was answering to these questions.

CS: Name 3 music festivals that are totally your thing and we shouldn’t miss.
Defected Croatia – we actually plan to go this August.. If this quarantine ends!
Ultra Miami – watching their aftermovies made me wanna be a videographer.
Untold – because it’s awesome!

CS: The current global situation is very odd. How’s self-quarantine affecting your job?
It’s affecting our lives entirely, not just our jobs. It’s historical! I’m trying to fit in this new world and I’m trying to be patient because eventually everything’s gonna be alright some way or another.

CS: What about your mental health during these crazy times?
I’m a positive kind of guy and I try to stay like that and the Wim Hof method helps a lot! I play many sports, I walk in the garden, I dance, I take cold showers and I breathe. And that’s my recipe for good mental health.

CS: Recently, you’ve been bombing your colleagues with these Wim Hof breathing exercises. How does that help and how did you embark on this mindfulness train?
Haha! You can say that I’m a breathing terrorist. I had an awful flu two years ago and my brother told me about the Wim Hof method and I said to myself: “If I survive this flu, I will start to take the crazy cold showers” and so I did and my life changed and I became happier. No stress, no anxiety, and when I see these awesome results, I want to share them with people I care about. So, sorry, not sorry!

CS: You’re a married man now. Did this change your perspective on life or your job?
I’m a happily married man now. Yes, totally. I can admit that my life is better now. It makes you more responsible, more true to yourself and when you get to this point, your life changes and it improves everything, even the job part.

CS: We all need some wise words from experienced people, so please share yours with us.
A: Stay home!
Stay young, stay hungry, stay foolish!
Get out of your comfort zone!


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