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Hey there! If you’re here, you know the drill. This is our official blog where we promote our projects and talk openly abut stuff.
This section of our blog will be dedicated to promoting our team, in any way they want to. We’re going to question them about themselves, their life, their hobbies.

Today we’re gonna dig into Ana’s brain to see how does the mind of a graphic-product-3D designer work. This creative field we’re lucky enough to work in is a multidisciplinary one and Ana is, by far, a true definition of multidisciplinarity. Let’s jump right into it and disentangle this talent.

CS: Hey there! Let’s start with the beginning of your journey at Cromatic Studios. We know you come from Timișoara. What made you change your location and how did you land here?
A: L’amour…

CS: Your job is a mix of branding and 3D experiments sustained by your background in product design. What do you enjoy more? Are you planning on further developing one of these branches?
I wouldn’t say I enjoy one more than the other but what I can say is that it’s mainly about the project. It doesn’t matter the field of study. If I like it, I’m totally in.


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CS: We heard some of your family members are into music, others into graphic design and pretty much all of them have a broad spectrum of creative hobbies. Did your family have a strong impact on your decision to work in the creative field?
Actually, in 4th grade I remember crying and making a fuss when my parents told me the decision was final: I was going to change schools! I was to be studying at Liceul de Arte Plastice Timișoara starting the following year. This was the outcome of many failed attempts of trying to convince me. I didn’t buy it, even knowing that my mother and both my cousins (which were my heroes at the time) went to the same school and it seemed really cool from their stories.
Therefore my family had a big impact, since I am still doing what they made me do when I was a little girl. That’s half the story, tho.

I guess I was kinda born with a predisposition for creativity and making stuff. My great grandfather was a cartographer, he was drawing maps in early 1900 and had a column in the newspaper. The other one was in love with crafts and woodworking (he was the one my great grandmother left her family and her huge inheritance for). Both my grandfathers were engineers. As a young lady, my grandma lived a bohemian life: house parties with her parents and their friends, fancy dancing evenings with boys escorting her home. “Întodeauna am fost o fată de societate”(I’ve always been a socialite – in translation -) as she describes herself. Her, my father and my aunt are all teachers, my mom and two of my cousins were in art school, my uncle has Gărâna Jazz Festival and so on.
As you can tell, my family is kind of super crazy and I use this as an excuse for how I am and what I do. It’s pretty self explanatory why I don’t work in any other field than the creative one.

CS: What gets you in the proper state of mind for creative work?

  • Music & solitude 
  • Good conversation
  • A challenge where I need to find solutions
  • People asking me questions about a new idea….like: How will this work? Why like this and not like that? Since there are no answers yet, I then get in a weird state of mind where I feel my brain thinking too fast for me to follow and come up with solutions on the spot (it happens when I get that creative adrenaline rush).









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CS: Having such a creative mind at work all the time can get exhausting. How do you zoom out? What helps you relax?
Pff! Various stuff. Sometimes it’s lowering the lights, getting some music playing on some decent sound system. I take a seat, light a cigarette, sip from a coffee (a very sweet one) and just enjoy. Depending on the mood, sometimes you could bump into the room and see me dancing.
I do watch stuff, read, go for walks with/without Gina (the dog), get on phone for hours with Claudia (bf since we were 11)

CS: How do you deal with creative blockage?
Terribly. I haven’t learned how to truly cope with it yet. I just wait (tears running down my face) for it to pas :)))

CS: Tell us a little about your branding process, from the inception phase to the final exports. We know the first thing you do is experiment with 100 fonts all over the Illustrator canvas. What next?
A: Haha! That’s true, it really helps me. I also research and sketch a lot.

CS: Can you pick one of your favourite projects and break it down for us?
Can’t choose a single favorite but here are some of them.

CS: Sneaky as we are, we know you have a huge playlist on youtube. Would you like to share it with the interweb and tell us about the role music plays in your life?
More likely, huge playlistS! Yeah, I just love music, it’s in my genes. My family never played instruments but they all (no exceptions) love music, I learnt a lot of music from them and I am grateful for growing up with a variety of good music and jazz concerts. 

Feel the wind in your hair and on your skin. Getting some chills from now and then.

Here’s the Youtube version of Lovely-ish playlist.
Living room sunday dance with my grandma Stela.
We romanians produce some quality music too. Here is my collection: RO
(it’s a mess of all genres from even before the interwar period until today, but it’s worth a listen on shuffle)
Loosing it…
(great for driving, going crazy, running, cleaning the house on fast forward)
You can find all these playlist and more, here, on Spotify.

CS: What do you like best about working at Cromatic Studios?
The overall mood! I think it’s pretty unique!

CS: Do you feel like you’ve grown up on a personal level since working at Cromatic Studios? How do you manage the stress, the feedback, the clients’ challenging requests?
A: Yes, totally! I think I am getting better and better at all of them. One of the most important things I’ve learnt is when to stop being emotionally attached to my work (you really have to detach sometimes, otherwise you’ll go crazy).








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CS: Any bad habits?

CS: This team can get kinda crazy. Is there any coo-coo memory that pops in your mind when you’re thinking about your colleagues?
The most recent one was the Crutch race competition. It was beautiful! (thanks Maria for twisting your ankle)

Ow! Ow! I remember another: For a week or two, whenever Daniel was in the elevator with us, we were purposely blocking the elevator between floors in a subtle way. Always complaining that it only happens when he is in and that he must be doing something. I also remember the super funny chupito day (started at about 11am on a nearly empty stomach). 

CS: Let’s have a moment and talk about our favourite member of the team: Gina. Where did you find her and what is your history in taking care of animals?
Gina was about 2 months when we found her alongside her three sisters: Felipa, Ping and Frida. They were sleeping on a plastic bag in an abandoned house in Văliug. Took ‘em in the car, brought them “la capitală” and promised them a future where they will be loved and spoiled city girls.








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We kept our promise 😉 Each of the girls has a new name and a super caring and loving family to call their own.
Well, his thing started since forever. It’s not my fault that lost/abandoned animals (mainly dogs) come in my way. OK?!
I made a “groso-modo” count of the dogs I reunited with their owners or that I took in and found a family for and it’s around 30 or something like that. And yes, it’s something I brag about! Because we, as humans, tamed dogs and made them addicted to loving us. It’s unfair for them to live any other life than one alongside their own human who treats them properly. 

CS: A true hero with a Star Trek haircut. We can’t help but ask if there’s any chance we’ll ever see you with long hair again.
Ha ha! To be honest, it took me so long to answer these questions that my hair already grew nearly down to my shoulders.

CS: To be in theme with the current situation, how is quarantine for such a vivacious person like yourself?
A: I am dealing with it surprisingly well!

CS: Describe your self isolation with one song.

CS: Can you recommend 3 animations that will definitely get to our hearts?
A: My childhood all time favourite is Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron (still watching it at least once a year, at least once). This one will surely get to your heart.

Then there’s The Triplets Of Belleville (2D French animation) is an adult film and that’s only because kids wouldn’t get it’s deliciousness.
PS: don’t worry about the subtitles. There are about two lines of conversation and they are in english.

And last but not least Fantastic Mr. Fox by Wes Andreson. A stop motion with hand built puppets. Great story, great image, great actors, a delight.

CS: Let’s finish this interview with some Ana Gemescu wisdom, a mantra, a joke, whatever you feel like sharing.
“If you didn’t get it you’re not stupid. Your brain just makes different connections than your peers. ” We have a quote note in our office. Oh wait! We don’t, but we certainly need one cause everyone’s quotable in there. 

Any thoughts on Ana’s creative journey?
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