Case Study: Bunnyshell

Case Study: Bunnyshell

What happens when you take the bunny out of its shell? Oh, bunnies don’t have shells? With this project, everything is possible. And the outcome is challenging, dynamic and forever spinning and evolving. One way or another. Kind of like what’s happening with the Universe right now.

bunnyshell is a platform where developers can apply and deliver their apps to any cloud without having to add extra code. They can also connect different clouds they already have and transfer info from one to the other with no mess and agility for less.

The name was kind of confusing, to begin with, and bunnyshell was urgently looking for a visual identity to suit their fluffy name.
Now there’s a pretty good shell to crack! And no matter how cute the name is, what we decided to create, based on our Core process (we’ll get deeper into that soon enough), was more than a solution to one of the trickiest puzzles Cromatic Studios had to solve.

The first thing we understood about this intricate rabbit is that it means nothing and everything. Exactly like the Universe. But sheesh, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. So fasten your seatbelts! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride! Pretty much like passing through a meteor shower.

What’s our destination Captain? Constellation: Strategy

“bunnyshell provides simplicity at scale to evolving customers, expanding the boundaries with an on-point voice. Helping them feel Insightful and gain agility for less’’.
Those were our mission’s coordinates, also known on Earth as the UVP (Unique Value Proposition). Based on these, we discovered the brand’s attributes and started building some ideas with them and around them:  

Expanding boundaries: Change the paradigm. The sky’s the limit.
Evolving: Take every chance you get in order to grow. And keep growing!
On-point: Communicate in an efficient, direct way.
Insightful: Feel like you can do more and more. Take advantage of your aha moments!
Agility for less: Everything optimized. Automation is key.
Everything around your app: Understand and explore everything about your app and around it. Take a 360 tour.

After taking in as much creative juice as we could, through research and thorough analyzation of our Core, we stumbled upon 3 different planets, before deciding which one our two-eared fluffer needs to inhabit. You’ll see that in the end, our bunny was more like an invader of the Universe. By inhabiting this one planet, it continuously expanded and is still growing, and shaping itself. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. AGAIN!

Captain’s log: We’ve discovered 3 planets

Planet 1: Planet of the apps

The evolving apps direction
Keywords: all-around your app, evolving, on-point

When we landed here, the planet’s atmosphere was cloudy, and the rocks and plants were colored in tints of blue, black and orange. This creative direction focused on evolving, on-point and everything around your app attributes. The font used was Raleway and the general vibe was techy but corporate. This planet was safe, but our bunny didn’t like it. So we had to go back to our ship and fly to the next one. 

Planet 2: Agilitron 237

Agility on-point direction
Insightful, on point, agility for less 

Our second destination was Agilitron 237. Its main color scheme focused on green, yellow, red and dark blue. This creative direction focused on insightful, on-point and agility for less, gently reminding us for apps that embody mindfulness, health and a bit of tech. But the bunny didn’t like this either, so he hippity-hopped to the next one. We ran right after it! 

Planet 3: Boundax 

The evolving boundaries direction,
Keywords: expanding the boundaries, agility for less, everything around your app 

This time our expedition came to an end. The bunny found its home and he’s not leaving anytime soon. Our creative direction ‘’Planet Boundax’’ was based on a blue, purple and pink color scheme and attributes such as expanding boundaries, agility for less and everything around your app. But once the bunny accepted it as its home, it started evolving. The color palette morphed into a multicoloured one and after a long and tiresome expedition, we also found several precious shapes to work with.

Let’s dig a little deeper and explain the whole concept! 

Final destination: The precious shapes take a journey through a meteor shower of creative ideas

The Concept

Now that we’ve found our direction, we’ll cut the space lingo and get into branding lingo.

We were desperately looking for symbols and visual representations, and as we went through countless shells, bunnies, atoms, clouds, globes, spaceships, coding symbols, and many others, we discovered that the essence is in the actual name: bunnyshell. 

The fundamental qualities we discovered in the name were its absurdity, flexibility and adaptability which gave us the freedom to incorporate all the solutions we needed into one single abstract idea. This tiny enlightenment we had was the spark of everything there is to come. 

bunnyshell actually means nothing and everything. It is unpredictable, made up, it can literally morph into anything you want it to be and this could easily be associated with the countless needs and problems the user encounters and the myriad of solutions at hand – they both can take any shape.


After travelling through a multitude of paths, ideas and theories, we landed on a simple and abstract concept based on the game and process of matching various shapes with their corresponding chambers – we took it a few steps further and established 3 sets of 6 brand shapes (Elementary, Hypes and Toruses) and 6 colors that symbolises the actual procedure of solving an issue.

Color scheme

Since the brand’s main attributes are based on universality, completeness, all-inclusive, all-encompassing qualities, it is only natural that we chose a color palette that follows the same standards: a multicolored one that contains all the essential colors needed to cover all the needs.

The shapes start off as colorless, floating through space, clueless, searching for a need (their own chamber) to help them acquire their assigned color so that they can solve that said need and complete the action. Sounds pretty confusing, doesn’t it?
This visual representation of it is self-explanatory, though. 


As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve chosen 6 shapes to define bunnyshell. And now’s the time to explain ourselves. So, think of it this way, bunnyshell is everything and nothing. And what else went through the process of turning from nothing into everything? The freakin’ Universe! You don’t need to be the Riddler to get that riddle. Adding to that, when you think about the Universe, you think of life. Well, we haven’t got proof that there’s life on other planets (YET!!), but there sure is LOTS AND LOTS of life on ours, right? We know it sounds like we went on an acid trip and discovered this insightful gem, but keep reading. 

If you dig in your brain and think about your Chemistry classes, or this more important class we all attended,  you’ll remember that the basis of life is carbon. Like that band that you listen to while you sleep, Carbon Based Lifeforms. Meaning HUMANS. We’re not really going to get into a lot of sciency stuff, BUT keep these little facts in mind:

  • Carbon compounds occur naturally in great abundance on Earth. 
  • Complex biological molecules almost always consist of carbon atoms bonded with other elements, especially Oxygen and Hydrogen and frequently also Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and sulfur.
  • Because it is lightweight and relatively small in size, carbon molecules are easy for enzymes to manipulate
  • Carbon is capable of forming a vast number of compounds, more than any other element and that’s why it has often been referred to as the “king of the elements”
  • Carbon is the 6th element in the periodic table and it’s made out of 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons that allow it to form 6-carbon rings, amino acids, enzymes, proteins, etc.

To sum things up, we chose the number 6 because it symbolizes life and everything around it. 

Logotype, shapes and new elements 

So, to dive right into it, our logo is a straight-forward, no bullshit, Montserrat Bold. That’s it, folks. You can easily create it yourself if you don’t have it at hand – select the type tool, input the text, get that techy space grey color in there and you’re done!

Crazy, right? Oh, we’re aware. One of bunnyshell’s purposes is to simplify and optimise everything it touches, so why not integrate that into how our logo actually behaves and interacts? We’ve abolished all the limits so we could create a safe and easy way to access our brand at any time.The mere essence of our identity is rooted in the name – another cool way of seeing things is imagining the birth of our name as the big bang moment of our journey. 

This will help you understand more about why we chose to go with the simplest visual representation of our concept.
After establishing the type, we moved on to creating the 6 basic geometric shapes. These 6 represent the bunnyshell complexity levels. And like a game, they go from easy mode to hard mode, steadily showing solutions to the user’s needs as they move. 

We have already established that 2 of the most important attributes this fluffy ear friend has are: expanding the boundaries and everything around your app. With these two in mind, we’ve created 2 new elements to add to the bunnyshell Universe: The Hype (expansion), The Torus (around). Let’s talk about these two for a moment.

The Hype: its main quality is expansion. Once one of our 6 shapes has activated and provided a solution, it will still remain in the chamber and expand inside of it so it covers other unexpected and unimaginable needs. We chose this unusual name because of its peculiar nature – this element is so stubborn that even though a solution has already been found, it continues to provide support – pushing the limits and expanding the boundaries.

The Torus: with this experiment, we created a new and exciting possibility – being able to create almost any shape by making any of the 6 shapes revolve around the client’s app. This shape is also pretty unique and it actually has a name, it is called a Torus and in pure geometric terms it means:
a torus (plural tori) is a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. If the axis of revolution does not touch the circle, the surface has a ring shape and is called a torus of revolution.

And with this newfound land (creative direction) we’ve taken these elements and used them on different materials and merchandise, in this way:

Our mission faced lots of challenges 

But Planet bunnyshell wasn’t easy to inhabit.
A few obstacles we came across were:

  • the name of the brand sounded confusing and didn’t have any story behind it;
  • they didn’t have any preferences related to a color palette or the symbolism behind it;
  • they were in urgent need of a recognisable visual identity that would quickly bring consistency to their whole brand – the accent being on absolute simplicity;
  • didn’t have any concept behind the brand;
  • positioning them as everyman & magician archetypes was difficult because they had to communicate in a very simple and understandable way while also delivering an exceptionally complex and intelligent product;
  • using 100% custom made and original content meant having to build each and every visual element while also keeping functionality and simplicity in mind – no stock photos, icons or illustrations – we needed to assemble all these elements by using our 18 shapes available;
  • it was particularly challenging to work with basic geometric shapes that are associated with a game and 6 very different and lively colors without having our design look too playful – on the other hand, we had to carefully balance our layouts by using the inactive and space grey in such a way that the result doesn’t look too serious or dark either, while also reminding us of the universe;
  • creating meaningful elements that would successfully complete and sustain our universe – in simpler terms, we needed to create an official bunnyshell alphabet that we would use in visual design and as ux solutions;
  • respecting our goals and aspirations: universality, simplicity, movement, everything, completion, dynamism, agility, infinity, change, intelligence;
  • the expectations and culture of the bunnyshell team – they’re a collective of highly educated, intelligent, techy and science oriented folks. They don’t place a lot of importance on eye-candy design, they desired a very efficient and functional identity with elements they could play with and build their own brand.

But the end result was amazing. And the journey was worth while. Thank you, bunnyshell. And special thanks to one of our best designers, Julie Tech. Check her out too!