A burger that is more tech savvy than us

It’s 2019 and while some of us are worried that Black Mirror will eventually come true, others choose to remain positive and make the best of the technology that exists thus far. We came across www.creator.rest and it pleasantly made us stay for a while and scroll, and scroll, and scroll… and maybe even drool a little. It’s Burger time!

AI Burgers

Creator is a team of multidisciplinary humans who gathered around the lunch table and created something that’s both odd and magical. Using robotics, design and food, they created a machinery that builds the perfect burger – and it is all made to order in-house using locally sourced ingredients. And before you run away, let us tell you that it only costs $6 – in San Francisco! Staying in and not eating anything costs more than that in San Francisco! They’re even cheaper than most gourmet burgers you can find in Bucharest. Now all we need is a plane ticket and $6.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

Creators are a motley crew of engineers, culinary scientists, human-centered designers, machinists, and tested fabricators. We’ve come from institutions like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and some of the best junior colleges in our great nation. We’re formerly of places like NASA, Disney Imagineering, the Navy, Chez Panisse, and A’s Burgers. One of us got fired from an internship but there was a good reason.

That’s a good crew to be around!


AI Burgers

The reasoning behind building this machine comes from former fry cook Alex Vardakostas. After leaving the kitchen, he studied engineering to only come back to the kitchen and rethink its whole concept. He decided he wanted to put employees to better use. Making burgers is a repetitive job that doesn’t leave very much room for personal and professional growth. By making this process automatic, the people working the kitchen can focus on finding the best ingredients, learning new things, coming up with creative ideas and enjoying their life in the kitchen more.

AI Burgers

The machine cuts, prepares, cooks and assembles all the burgers without any human intervention. Each patty is cooked to order, each tomato slice is equal, the cheese is grated right on the burger leaving no time for oxidation to occur. The clients build their burgers choosing from the available sauces, condiments and ingredients and you can make sure the waiter doesn’t forget to make your burger spicy or medium-rare. The possibility of human error is reduced to almost 0 – unless the machine breaks – then it’s all up to the humans to get it going again!

See how it works:


Sometimes, when technology takes over human jobs, people react reluctantly, but in this case with this reasoning, we can easily get on board. Here’s to more burgers, more time to do things we like and more positive growth!